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Always Remember To Give Thanksgiving

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"Always Remember To Give Thanksgiving", my grandfather said to me, in a dream many years ago. I awakened with a new inquisition to gain a better understanding of what he meant. Beyond the Thanksgiving Day I'd celebrated all of my life, I found Thanksgiving to be a simple, yet powerful, spiritual principle of acknowledging the blessings that are bestowed upon us by God, our Creator.
Higher than the traditional celebrations, Thanksgiving is the emotion of being grateful for all blessings, sources of love and opportunities for growth, well-being and enlightenment. This message of Thanksgiving from my grandfather was simply powerful and special because he transitioned a year before the dream. I'm so thankful that he shared it with me. Now I'm sharing it with you, hoping that we all begin to see, that the truth behind the celebration is bigger than the traditions, the decorations and the trimmings. It is truely about being grateful in our spirits. 
Conjure up the spirit of Thanksgiving by thinking about and meditating on your blessings. Reflect on the seeds you and your ancestors sowed yesteryear, that you harvested this year. Feel the love and appreciation well up in your spirit. Feel the spirit of Thanksgiving.
Happy Holiday!
Shonda J. Pertilla
CEO | Founder
DreamWell Counseling & Consulting